Down the European Rabbit hole to decide In Or Out

For weeks now, I have wanted to sit down and either record a video or write something about Thursday’s EU referendum. 

Although, as a journalist, I keep on top of political developments at home, across Europe and throughout the world, and like to feel I have a solid grasp of the facts and arguments; every time I thought “I must do a piece on the referendum”, a sort of inadequacy engulfed me. I kept thinking, well I can’t write something until I have sat down and researched even more, even further, armed with the minute statistics and facts, so I can have rational, intelligent debate about it.

But the truth is there are not many of us out there that are EU experts; not even in the media. It’s a niche for the resident EU journo whose job it is to be pedantic, who sits through hours of those boring sessions and actually understands what the sub-laws and the numbers mean, or the policy maker, or the lobbyist in politics, in charities or in big corporations whose job it is to have the intricate facts any given notice. 

As the weeks of campaigning have turned in to months; the debate has delved further in to this pedanticism; and the general public have heard from “experts” who confidently state the exact opposite things as “facts”; we have been asked to become experts ourselves; and we have been told to ignore the experts because they have no clue what they are talking about. 

Don’t worry guys, even I’m ready to admit that it has been a confusing ride; and that I think most people are acting like they know what they are talking about, more than they actually know that they do!

So, what is that I actually have to say when it comes to this, highly important vote?

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Brussels Vs Baghdad; how should I react?

Another deadly attack, this time in Brussels. By the time you read this, the death toll of 23 may well have changed.

When these attacks happen (especially in Europe) I always have the same instant reaction of mixed emotions. 

Many people (on both sides) will be on the defensive; some will be angry that you try to make sense of “why” as if this is making excuses for the inexcusable. Others, angry at the clear double standard between the loss of European life compared to say Arab, will try to “even the playing field” with a “so-what” approach; downplay or dismiss what has happened.  Both positions are wrong

So here are some of the initial reactions I have had this morning;

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