Goodbye To Our Independent...

Isn’t it too soon for me to be saying “that’s not how it was in my day!” But, alas, these are the days we live in. I’m told (mostly by women’s magazines) that 30 is the new 20…and apparently the new 60 too.

When I was studying print journalism (not long-ago enough for it to have become the outdated mode that it is today, but a little too long-ago for me to care to admit) there was no social media. Facebook and Twitter only launched to the public in my last year of university (I had a MySpace page that briefly held my attention…it was the post-teen equivalent of how I used to cover my books in high school and I really hope it is not still available online somewhere). Anyway, for the most part, student aspirations were still to somehow wriggle their way in to a job at a national newspaper.

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